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2017 East Penn 23rd National Trolley Meet "Deck Roof Cars"
2015 East Penn 22nd National Trolley Meet "Cars with Pantographs"
2013 East Penn 21st National Trolley Meet "Cincinnati Car Company cars"
2011 East Penn 20th National Trolley Meet "Nearside Cars - 100th Anniversary"
2009 East Penn 19th National Trolley Meet "Double End Cars"
2007 East Penn 18th National Trolley Meet "Trolley Freight Locomotives"
2005 East Penn 17th National Trolley Meet "Articulated Cars"
2003 East Penn 16th National Trolley Meet "Birney Cars"
2001 East Penn 15th National Trolley Meet "Post-PCC Cars"
1999 East Penn 14th National Trolley Meet "Steel-constructed Interurban Cars"
1997 East Penn 13th National Trolley Meet "Steel-constructed City Cars"

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Meet history.

Tune-up Session Labor Day Weekend 2011 (by Philip Cook)
2002 East Penn Mini-Meet held in Hatfield, PA
2017-Jan-14 Greenberg's Show: Heavy Electrics and Steve Smith's City Modules
2017 Mass Transit and Trolley Modelers Convention
2015 Mass Transit and Trolley Modelers Convention
2014 West Penn Trolley Meet Video featuring East Penn modules
Aug. 2011 Modules at Rockhill Trolley Museum
Nov. 2010 HO trolleys at Bryn Mawr Holiday Show
Oct. 2008 O scale modules at Greenberg Show, Reading, PA
Oct. 2008 HO scale modules at Greenberg Show, Reading, PA
July 2008 Modules at O Scale Convention, Worcester, MA
2006 NMRA National Train Show held in Phila, Pa.
2002 Railroad Days at Cold Spring Village, NJ
Dec. 2000 O scale modular track plan from Greenberg's Train Show
1999 Fall Trolley Extravaganza (Sponsored by MTS Imports)
2002 East Penn Trolley Slide Contest Winning Slides
Bob Dietrich's HO scale South Hills Junction module and layout
Allen Hirsh's beautiful O scale trolley layout, the Valhalla Transit Company
Charlie Long's Philadelphia layout featuring streetcars (downloadable video)
Tom Piccirillo's latest O scale traction layout, the new Somerset County Traction System
Ed Torpey's well known Port-A-Pike II portable HO trolley layout
Paul Vassallo's Indiana Railroad layout
Walter R. Olsen trolley layout that makes our shows occasionally
Rockhill Trolley Museum in Rockhill Furnace, PA

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