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Trolley Modeling Bibliography

This page contains a growing index of articles from the various modeling magazines related to overhead wire hanging techniques and other aspects of trolley modeling. Please feel free to add to this list with your submissions. Send your listing to the EPTC Webmaster.

Also check out the excellent "The Model Train Magazine Index" at http://index.mrmag.com/.

Article TitleAuthor/Publication/Date
Blue Book of Model RR Practice 71: Traction Overhead, Part 1 by Clouser, Bill, MR 9/1960 p. 59
Blue Book of Model RR Practice 72: Traction Overhead, Part 2 by Clouser, Bill, MR 10/1960 p. 71
Blue Book of Model RR Practice 73: Traction Overhead, Part 3 by Clouser, Bill, MR 11/1960 p. 79
Blue Book of Model RR Practice 74: Traction Overhead, Part 4 by Clouser, Bill, MR 12/1960 p. 87
Brandywine Transit Series by Olsen, Walt, MR 5/1975 - 9/1976 At least 9 parts
Easy Way to Hang Trolley Wire, The by Everett, Bill, T&M 9/1971 Vane A. Jones Co.
Getting Into Traction - The Basics by Bronskey, Eric, MR 11/1988 p.86
Guide to Trolley Model Building: A Model Traction Handbook edited by W. K. Walthers & R. M. Wagner, 1950
Light and Lacy Overhead by Kutella, Bob, MR 3/1993
Model Traction Handbook for Model Railroads by Mallery, Paul & Steven, Model Traction Manufacturers Guild 1974
O'Dell County Traction Co., Part 1 by Goehmann, Bruce, MR 11/1988 p.80
O'Dell County Traction Co., Part 2 - Benchwork by Goehmann, Bruce, MR 12/1988 p.80
O'Dell County Traction Co., Part 3 - Laying track by Goehmann, Bruce, MR 1/1989 p.120
O'Dell County Traction Co., Part 4 - Overhead Wire by Goehmann, Bruce, MR 2/1998 p.82
O'Dell County Traction Co., Part 5 - Scenery & Structures by Goehmann, Bruce, MR 3/1989 p.64
Overhead Wire for Pole Trolleys by Orr, Richard, MR 3/1975 p.56
Pantographs That Work Smoothly MR 5/1974 p.37
Traction Guidebook for Model Railroaders - Vane A. Jones Co. edited by Schafer, Mike, Kalmbach Books 1974
Trolley Wire Installation by Langley, W.D., RMC 5/1982 p.52

MR = Model Railroader Magazine
RMC = Railroad Model Craftsmen Magazine
T&M = Traction & Models Magazine

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