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Light Rail Modeling

Trolley cars began making a comeback in the United Sates in 1981 when San Diego opened the first Light Rail Line. Since then 59 other lines have begun operation and the list is growing. Through these web pages the East Penn Traction Club hopes to bring attention to this modern-day aspect of our hobby and to encourage some of you to venture into the exciting world of light rail modeling.

As the newest section on the East Penn web site, expect to see continual updates as we are able to post more information about kits, ready-to-run models, module standards, etc. Come back often to see what's new!

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Getting Started with LRVs  Updated 1/29/17

Prototype LRV Information
Dealers and Manufacturers - Look for the LRV Symbol!

East Penn Module Standards for LRVs - Under Construction  Updated 8/6/2009

East Penn has yet to define standards or Light Rail Modules. This link will take you to a presentation given at the 2009 EPTC Meet where Chris Bradley showed his findings and ideas for LRT modular operation. East Penn will not present a standard proposal until one or more modules have been built and we have experience to draw on.

LRV Modeling Tips - Under Construction

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